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Beaverton Schools

Flyer Review Process

The Beaverton School District and its schools review materials distribution requests from internal, community-based, nonprofit and for-profit organizations on an ongoing basis during the school year. Materials submitted for review must offer educational and/or extra-curricular learning opportunities for children, families and/or staff.

Commercial advertising is not permitted unless specifically indicated by the administrative rule KJA-AR.

Materials accepted for distribution or display must not:
  1. Be obscene, indecent or vulgar
  2. Advocate illegal activities, violence or hate
  3. Contain libelous or defamatory information
  4. Discriminate or contain bias toward an individual’s race, gender, sexual    orientation, religious or ethnic identity
  5. Be likely to cause substantial disruption of or material interference with discipline or the education of students in the school in which the material is posted or distributed
  6. Promote, favor or oppose a candidate for elected office or a ballot measure
  7. Advocate religion or a particular faith or religious viewpoint through proselytization

If you have questions, please contact Zuley Gonzalez de Cruz