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Beaverton Schools

Parent Teacher Organization

2019-2020 Current PTO:

  • President:  At-large
  • Treasurer: Lina Rossetto-Grulich
  • Ways & Means/Fundraising: Kristina Perry, Leah Johanson
  • Volunteer Coordinator: Karen Wolff
  • Communications: Jill Failla
As a parent or guardian of a student at Whitford, you are a member of the PTO.  Please join us at our meetings this year.  They are from 6:00-7:00 pm in the library.
  October 8th                         January 14th                   April 14th
November 11th                   February 11th                  May 12th
December 17th                   March 10th                      June 9th

About Your PTO

Whitford Summa PTO is a joint group of parents and teachers supporting Whitford Middle School and Summa Students. 

Our Purpose:

Parents, Teachers and Student Council working together to create a sense of community that supports our kids in their academic & social growth.

  • Financially support critical educational needs

  • Recruit and organize volunteers for classroom (e.g. Art Literacy) and extracurricular activities,

  • Sponsor and coordinate school wide events such as Movie Nights, Fall party

  • Provide communication between Whitford and families

How We ALL Make It Happen:

  • Volunteer: You are invited to contribute some of your valuable time to the school, by assisting our hardworking teachers during school hours and by helping to plan and run the many after-school events that are on this year’s calendar.
  • Financial Support/Fundraising Supporting your PTO critical to our ability to fund essential supplies and services our kids depend on to get the best possible education from our great school.
  • Stay Informed:  PTO sends out emails about student activities, important announcements and upcoming events. To get the email list you have to be in the volunteer database. Click on the Volunteer tab at the top right of this page to sign up. Also, like us on Facebook to stay in touch. You can reach any of the boards members at